UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro

Ultimate Speed is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity, saves alot of time and increase your profit. Instant codes, CRUD and report generation with beatiful UI. Connect your existing database or create new one and generates Models, Controllers, Routs, Forms, DataGrid, Language file and Layout.

Detail Features

  1. Responsive admin and users interface
  2. Well structured project
  3. Graphical ready admin dashboard
  4. Light weight and fast
  5. Build in secured auth
  6. Bootstrap 5
  7. User Roles Management
  8. Chart layout dashboard
  9. Admin and Users Login
  10. Slim 4.x
  11. Twig 3.x
  12. Eloquent Database ORM
  13. Friendly GUI
  14. Roles Management
  15. Auto Detect Relational database
  16. Support table join, master detail
  17. Reporting/Export (Excel, CSV, PDF)
  18. Auto generate translated language file for all table fields
  19. CRUD Generated are purely best practices
  20. Instant code preview after generating
  21. Generated code support multi database connection
  22. Option to Enable or Disable HTML5 form validation
  23. Detect form input
  24. Detect Enum field and use as dropdown
  25. Detect (TEXT,MEDIUMTEXT,LONGTEXT) and use as textarea
  26. Generated codes are well commented
  27. Single or multiple File/Image Uploading
  28. Full Documentation